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November 28th 2016
Neal Martin and Xavier Pariente in Hong Kong
A master class. Few vintages of Château Troplong Mondot; a stunning room of the Shangri-La hotel in Hong Kong and approximatively 40 people who have c ...

October 24th 2016
Le Figaro Vins selects Troplong Mondot 2009 as Wine of the day
October 24th 2016, Chateau Troplong Mondot 2009 is elected wine of the day in Le Figaro Vins.The 2009 vintage, tasted by Bernard Burthschy, is present ...

September 27th 2016
Food&Wine in Troplong Mondot
FOOD & WINE is the ultimate reference on the best of what's new in food, drink, travel, design and entertaining. The epicurean mind-set trans ...

April 31st 2016
"Faut pas Charrier" by Marylin Johnson
Marilyn Johnson, journalist and blogger, is passionate about food and wine of the region. Through his blog "Wine? What Else?", she makes us discover h ...

March 4th 2016
Troplong Mondot 2014 Wine of the day in Le Figaro
Every day, Le Figaro Vins presents a vintage from a vineyard.On March 4th 2016, Château Troplong Mondot 2014 is selected as their wine of the day. Tas ...

March 1st 2016
Travel Curious Often
Travel Curious Often is a website dedicated to travelling. It's speciality is to reference the best adresses in the cities the authors travel to. ...

February 11h 2016
Our chef David Charriner in Sud Ouest
We are very proud of our chef David Charrier, chef at the Belles Perdrix de Troplong Mondot who has just been rewarded his 1st Michelin star in the 20 ...

January 26th 2016
Saint-Emilion's haute couture
Le Chef is not only a magazine dedicated to cooking and promoting chef's talents. It is also found of another subject matter: viticulture, and the ...

December 21st 2015
Five addresses on the West Coast
En Magnum, the new magazine of Bettane et Desseauve publishes an article: "Five adresses on the West coast".The restaurant Les Belles Perdrix is recom ...

December 16th 2015
Château Troplong Mondot in the 73rd position in the Power 100 Liv-Ex classification
Liv-ex operates the global marketplace for fine wine, and allows every year to worldwide professional buyers and distributors in the wine business to ...

November 17th 2015
Scatti di Gusto
Scatti di Gasto is an Italian website dedicated to lifestyle, wine and gastronomy followed by many internet users.One of their journalist, Giulia Neko ...

September 14th 2015
Portait of David Charrier in Le Chef magazine
David Charrier, chef at the Belles Perdrix of Saint-Emilion, was interviewed by Le Chef magazine. Talking with the journalist Alexianne Lamy, he deliv ...

June 10th 2015
The Wine Cellar Insider, Bordeaux Wine Guide
Château Troplong Mondot is very happy to figure in the website "The Wine Cellar Insider", a website specialized in Bordeaux wines and created by Jeff ...

December 22nd 2014
Château Troplong Mondot in gifts ideas: 33 Bordeaux wines for an idyllic cellar.
Interested in offering a bottle of wine?To drink on New Year's Eve, or to let sleep in your cellar, the Sud Ouest journal selected thirty-three Bo ...

March 24th 2014
Troplong Mondot in the Liv-Ex 1000
Château Troplong Mondot is among the 1000 more estimated wines in the world. Indeed, Liv-Ex, the London International Vintners Exchange, uses the las ...

September 10th 2013
Fifty French Woman who count
She has been, with Hubert de Boüard (Angélus) and Stephan von Neipperg (Canon-La-Gaffelière), one of the first woman to shake the mediocre routine in ...

December 2012
The worlwide place of Troplong Mondot in the restaurants
Château Troplong Mondot comes out in 4th position in the classification 2012 of the St-Emilion wines most present in the restaurants.Wine Services com ...

August 23rd 2012
Margaux Pariente on the Post Magazine / South China Morning Post
A nice article about Margaux Pariente, daughter of the owners and ambassador of her family's Château Troplong Mondot posted on the e-magazin ...

18 juin 2012
"Women & Wine" articles
Elle Magazine of June 15 2012 highlights Bordeaux with a special file about women and wine.Margaux Pariente, marketing manager of Château Troplo ...

March 7th 2012
Troplong Mondot - thuveninblog.com
"When you go through the website of Château Troplong Mondot, you may realize the work done daily for this château to be one of the first growth of St- ...

February 3rd 2012
What to have in the cellar: Bordeaux 2009 by Jessica Harnois
Quoi mettre en cave: Bordeaux 2009 by Jessica Harnois Château Troplong Mondot 2009 part of the 5 "coups de coeur" of Jessica Harnois with a 96 score.

September 23rd 2011
Extract from Thunevinblog
« Hier à midi nous avions eu le temps de manger à la table des vendanges de nos amis de Troplong Mondot. Quelle chance, quel privilège d’être là. Le T ...

September, 9th 2011
2011 harvest by Elin McCoy
Elin McCoy writes on wine and spirits for Bloomberg News: “For the first time, Château Troplong Mondot is inviting visitors to share the traditiona ...

One night at the castle
In the December 6th 2013 issue, Figaro Madame magazine suggests a gateway at the Belles Perdrix of Troplong Mondot; one night in the castle.This prope ...


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Reception & Events
Denis Kessler at Château Troplong Mondot
Les Belles Perdrix
Les belles perdrix de Troplong Mondot, quality restaurant admitted to Le Collège Culinaire de France

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