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Reception & Events

July 22nd, 2017
Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival
As every year, Château Troplong Mondot sponsors the Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival. A vibrant event where the sound of the virtuosos galvanises the villa ...

May 22nd 2017
Heart’s Delight n°3
Third participation for Château Troplong Mondot at the Heart's Deligth charity event in Washington DC, organized by the American Heart Association ...

May 3rd 2017
Parisian tastings
Entering La Grande Epicerie de Paris is discovering an astonishing universe, a praise to our French products mixed up with rare international goods th ...

March 14th 2017
Our cuisine and our wines travelling in Asia
End of February is a change of scenery for our chef David Charrier who prepared two very nice dinners in Hong Kong.One at the Banker’s club, a private ...

November 30th 2016
15th Altaya anniversary
Winter time in Hong Kong, a cool and rainy winter. But we are there for a special party that will let us forget the bad weather : the 15th Anniversary ...

November 25th 2016
Charity dinner - Fondation Bergonié
A night of falling stars – the theme of an evening that makes us want to dream, and forget just for one night the meaning behind this theme. Organized ...

August 26th 2016
Heritage Camp 2016 – 1ère édition
Admire, understand and learn the history of the landscape surrounding us, of the land that we are given and discover that life legacy. Le Barde du Lab ...

June 8th 2016
An evening at « the spirit’s door »
« La Maion de Graciani » hosts us in its sweet life and elegance for a high-flying tasting dinner. A lovely white-wooden house in the city which means ...

March 13th 2016
The "Vins Kilomètres de Saint-Emilion" race
Troplong Mondot and Les Belles Perdrix de Troplong Mondot were pleased to participate on March 13th to the first edition of the "Vins Kilomètres de Sa ...

February 19th 2016
Tasting dinner at the Cercle de l'Union Interalliée in Paris
The Cercle de l'Union Interalliée in Paris welcomed for the sixth time l'Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux for a tasting dinner in their most ...

January 7th 2016
Montreal Passion Vin
Every year, the Foundation of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital organizes a wine event in order to raise funds and integrate a cancer research center ...

January 4th 2016
Happy New Year 2016!
The Château Troplong Mondot and les Belles Perdrix de Troplong Mondot wish you all a very happy new year!Drawing credits: Aurélie Castex

November 16th 2015
From East to West
East A journey to Hong Kong is a time travel, an immersion at the heart of a multicultural world, at the crossroad of Chinese and British influences.  ...

October 21st 2015
Pink October
The Château Troplong Mondot and the Belles Perdrix associated themselves again against breast cancer, by participating to the Pink Ribbon Challe ...

September 24th 2015
Bordeaux 2005's dinner at David Bouley's Test Kitchen
Tuesday, October 20th in New York City, David Bouley’s Test Kitchen will be setting their first event featuring the wines of Bordeaux. An event organi ...

September 21st 2015
An athletic tasting.
We all know rugby is a sport. Actually it is more than that, it’s a state of mind. Players are opponents on the field, but when the game is over, they ...

July 10th 2015
American sommeliers in Bordeaux
The Belles Perdrix of Troplong Mondot and seven first great growth of Saint-Emilion has welcomed american sommeliers. For that occasion we have receiv ...

June 8th 2015
Xavier Pariente and the Château Troplong Mondot have made again a good choice.Integrating Constance Denfert-Rochereau to the team confirms it.Sh ...

June 18th 2015
The Association of the Milan Sommeliers at Troplong Mondot
The Italian association of sommeliers, an international association, organized during Vinexpo a trip to Bordeaux for its sommeliers from Milan, and sh ...

May 25th 2015
Cooking has no secrets. It’s is all about revealing, sharing and feeling emotions. In her book “Ma cuisine du Sud-Ouest” Christine Valette-Pariente de ...

April 29th 2015
Bordeaux Grands Crus week-end
On May 30th and May 31st the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux will celebrate their 10 year anniversary. On that occasion, participants can subscribe ...

February 25th 2015
Travel diary, January 2015: the American winter
At the beginning of the year, our wines took the time to escape. Between the tropic and the snow, they crossed the four seasons. First stop in the fi ...

February 2nd 2015
Tuesday tastings at the Caves Legrand
Walking inside the Caves Legrand is walking in the myth of this old grocery store, which became one of the most emblematic cellars of the capital. In ...

December 19th 2014
The end of the year?
Gather, party, spend family time, travel, take a break... Here comes the end of the year.But it's also the beginning of something else: at the end ...

December 12th 2014
Travel diary, November-December 2014: Autumn in Asia
At the end of November, such as children leaving their parental home, our wines leave to please the Asian palates.  1st step Hong-Kong: Hong-Kong, “t ...

December 5th 2014
A wine tasting at the Caves de Taillevent
Thursday December 4th, at the Caves de Taillevent, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, a Parisian reference for wine amateurs.Surrounded by the most ...

November 3rd 2014
Our Halloween dinner
In a terrifying and enticing atmosphere the Belles Perdrix celebrated Halloween on October 31st. Very brave children wandered in the dark on an unknow ...

October 20th 2014
The Pink Ribbon
In 1992, Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder, founder of Estee Lauder, co-created the Pink Ribbon with Self Magazine. Since 1989, Mrs. Evelyn H. Lauder, personnally ...

October 20th 2014
Pre-dinner tasting
The professors Henri Bismuth, Jean Saric, Laurence Chichi and Christophe Laurent.Three generations of excellence in the domaine of European hepathic s ...

September 9th 2014
Wine merchant lunch at the Belles Perdrix
On the 8th of September 2014 we have had the great pleasure to welcome a few wine merchants and wine bars of the region for a visit of the property fo ...

July 22nd 2014
Wine and music
On the 19th of July, at the salles des Dominicains in Saint-Emilion, the musical tasting of Château Troplong Mondot 2009 was interpreted by Jacky Terr ...

July 11th 2014
Saint-Emilion Jazz Festival - Musical tasting:
July 19th, the musicians Jacky Terrasson and Stephane Belmondo will put in music the tasting of seven First Great Classified Growth of Saint-Emilion. ...

April 28th 2014
Tasting at the Max Wine Gallery
The Max Bordeaux Wine Gallery - a cellarman with a very original concept as it is possible to taste some of the most prestigious wines by the glass - ...

March 7th 2014
First aid training
Troplong Mondot and the Belles Perdrix’s team have done a training of first aid with the French Federation of first aid and rescue. All have received ...

November 26th 2013
Tasting dinner in Tokyo
On Monday the 25th of November in Tokyo, Borie Manoux and Mikumi Wines received us at the Maison Aimée Vibert for a high flying tasting diner.Nothing ...

Our best wishes for 2014!

Christmas dinner
To celebrate this period of gentleness, come and share with your loved ones a warm and festive dinner at the Belles Perdrix of Troplong Mondot, from F ...

May 7th 2013
Troplong Mondot in Heart'sDelight
Last week, Troplong Mondot was participating in the wonderful annual event Heart's Delight in Washington D.C. to benefit the American Heart Associ ...

January 15th 2013
Troplong Mondot at Corton's in New York
Thank you very much to Gregory Hurst of the Wine and Food Society in New York to organize an event around the wines of Troplong Mondot.Tuesday January ...

September 17th 2012
Harvest kitchen
The harvest kitchen opens today in Troplong Mondot!Our Chef prepared a special menu for this occasion: a choice of several season starters, main cours ...

August 24th 2012
L.A. Reid
L.A. Reid was in Troplong Mondot last Monday together with his wife Erika, fo a summertime luch.You certainly know him already but if it's not the ...

July 2012
Vino Vino
Elliott, the writer of the wine blog Vino Vino, came to had lunch with Margaux Pariente. His own words: "A wonderful lunch with Margaux Pariente who r ...

July 19th 2012
Robert parker in Troplong Mondot
Robert Parker, godfather of the Jazz Festival of Saint-Emilion this year, was hosted by Christine Pariente in Troplong Mondot. She organised, together ...

April 25th 2012
Gregory Bourdy
Grégory Bourdy, our professional French golf player, came to have a nice time at the estate together with M. Zuger (Château Malescot St-Exupery) and s ...

April 24th 2012
Vinoterra lunch
The Russian distributing company, Vinoterra, came for a lunch at Troplong Mondot on Thursday April 24th. Roman and his clients really appreciated the ...

March 30th 2012
Truffle dinner on March 9th 2012
Jean-Bernard Nadeau came to do a report for the oeno-touristic-gastronomic blog French Frogs on March 9th 2012, to discover a dinner around the truffl ...

March 19th 2012
The First Great Growth Classified at Troplong Mondot
Château Troplong Mondot welcomes today the annual meeting of the Groupement de Premiers Grand Crus Classés de St-Emilion. Are attending: Eric d'A ...

March 9th 2012
UGC tasting in Brasil
For the first time, the UGC tasting tour comes to Brasil. This year: pouring of the 2009 vintage of Troplong Mondot with Margaux Pariente. Here at the ...

February 16th 2012
Vinoterra Tasting in Moscow - February 2012
Margaux Pariente presented a Château Troplong Mondot tasting during the Vinoterra dinner in Moscow on February 16th 2012.

January 25th 2012
The Chinese Actress Zhao Wei at Troplong Mondot
On January 25th, we have the great honour to welcome the famous Chinese actress and singer Zhao Wei together with her husband Mr Huang You Long. Xavie ...

Passion Diner - Grands Crus week-end
We are pleased to welcome you for an exclusive diner at Château Troplong Mondot on Saturday May 12th, during the Grands Crus week-end.You can spend th ...

Denis Kessler at Château Troplong Mondot
On November 2nd, Denis Kessler visited Château Troplong Mondot, property of the SCOR Group of which he is the CEO.This visit was the occasion to meet ...

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
« Bordeaux for Napa-Sonoma »
Following the extensive damage suffered by Napa and Sonoma, which ravaged 90 000 hectares last October, Bordeaux is mobilising to support the reconstr ...


Reception & Events
« Bordeaux for Napa-Sonoma »
Reception & Events
Denis Kessler at Château Troplong Mondot
Les Belles Perdrix
Les belles perdrix de Troplong Mondot, quality restaurant admitted to Le Collège Culinaire de France

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