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November 22nd 2016
A day in the vineyard of Grace Wine – Yamanashi, Japan.
A getaway to a foreign vineyard is for every winemaker a moment of marvelous discoveries.   Beginning of November in Tokyo, we decide to see the harve ...

October 21st 2016
The colours of 2016
For the last couple of days, small dark grapes are arriving in our tank room to create the 2016 vintage. Dark midnight blue and at the crop, the colou ...

April 27th 2016
New stocks in our plots !
It’s time for our plots called “le bois” and “le moulin” to look like new ones! Their soils rested and have been fed with green material only, during ...

February 16th 2016
Prunning season at Troplong Mondot
In winter, the vine is at rest. All the winemakers will agree, the big activity in December, January and February is pruning. If we let the vine aban ...

September 30th 2015
2015 first day of harvest
The first day of the harvest is quite like an opening at the theater. All year long we prepare it, we train, we rehearse, we choose the actors, then w ...

July 31st 2015
While the 2015 vintage pursues its maturity
2015 seems to be promising a good vintage. On this beautiful mid-summer, let’s have a look at how the vine is doing. At Troplong Mondot, the flowerin ...

February 5th 2015
Burning the woods and topping up.
February 5th  2015 – At the vineyard, three generations of women pull out the woods. From one women to another, generation to generation, the transmis ...

December 11th 2014
The malo-lactic fermentation of the 2014 vintage.
The alcoholic fermentation is over, now is the time for the malo-lactic fermentation.The yeasts have executed their job, their place is now taken by t ...

December 9th 2014
Claude and Lydia Bourguignon
Claude and Lydia Bourguignon have been for the last seven years the agronomist engineers at Troplong Mondot. They establish important links to the qua ...

October 1st 2013
2013 is in our hands
Have your clippers ready for the 2013!2013 Harvest started this morning in Troplong Mondot. The first harvested plots are the Merlots and we will fini ...

October 9th 2012
Here we go for the 2012 harvest
A wonderful light over Troplong Mondot on this first harvest day. Sun and rain are sharing the scene, even if the Merlot is the star of the day.Jean-P ...

July 5th 2012
What's going on into the vineyard?
After three years of dryness, the vines found this year a more classical growth, even too excessive. We are ending to remove the leaves on the vines b ...

June 7th 2012
2011 Tasting
Jena-Philippe Fort, our wine consultant, was there to taste the different lots of Troplong Mondot 2011, together with M. Pariente and Jean-Pierre Tale ...

April 16th 2012
Troplong Mondot horses
Sultan and Ulysse, our two horses, took out their scraps to finish to earth down the youngest and the oldest plots after we mowed the growned cereals ...

September, 24th 2010
2010 harvest
We are nearing the end of September. Troplong-Mondot is bathed in the shades of autumn, warm sunlight even though the nights are chilly, a true Indian ...


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Reception & Events
Denis Kessler at Château Troplong Mondot
Les Belles Perdrix
Les belles perdrix de Troplong Mondot, quality restaurant admitted to Le Collège Culinaire de France

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